I’m not the best on syntax and more advance grammar and such (as English is not my first language, but I’m sure you have a lot of English speaking proofreader already) but I’m great at finding all the small mistakes and differences/inconsistencies between cards, rule book and other things that were not changed everywhere even when found (so this applies to rule book but also all the printed material). This is our first game of this type and there were several moments of…”Uh, will we ever learn this?” Using the Kinglet’s white power (Play a second bird in your [specific habitat]. Keep in mind that you can only activate the pink power between turns. Wingspan is played over 4 rounds. But if you were dealing with a 3-player game, there is a combination of powers where the Sacred Kingfisher could activate a 3rd player’s pink power by successfully activating the Kingfisher’s predator power. Can I 2 for 1 if I don’t have the grain to activate it? Tony Mastrangeli - Dec 16, 2020. Sorry, I didn’t realize there was a question about the House Wren. But it presumably does not count as a bird with a Flocking Power for Bonus cards. But I figured I’d try to get to what is at the bottom of our question. :). No, that bonus card (and others like it) specify that it’s looking for cards with a specific food icon, so wild doesn’t apply. The tūi gets to cache seed and you can spend seed cached on the tūi with some limitation (eg. Thanks for your answers and for the best game ever. We’ll find uses for them rather than throw them – but still…. When playing a bird, you can convert any 2x foods to 1x food. We’ve played a few times now and it didn’t come up for several games. Or am I required to cache it? No, once you play a bird, it’s permanent. Yup! Hi Hay! Succeeds means that the conditions for gaining a benefit are met. My bird card says ‘WHEN ACTIVATED: Gain 1 [food type] from the birdfeeder, if there is one.‘ There’s another bird card that says I can gain a specific food “if available.” Can I reroll if there’s only one type of die face in the feeder? I just spent 10 mins on Facebook writing a post and adding a poll for people to suggest birds to you, unfortunately it wouldn’t post. Whatever you do, do it consistently and I’d say it’s fair. The Ethologist bonus cards means that you’ll choose one of the three rows of your birds at the end of the game, and then get 2 points per power color in that row (of the 4 types of colors, including no power/white). Nitpick: The materials are top notch (thank you) but we were a bit disappointed with the amount of plastic packaging and materials in the game. ), Can the player tasked with “choosing a player of their choice” [to begin selecting a food from the feeder] choose their own self to be the one who starts the food selection (Or does it have to be someone other than their self?). First of all, incredible game. One question we encountered today – in a 3-player game, when Player 1 activates the Red-winged parrot and gives a nectar to Player 2, does Player 3 get a nectar pursuant to her Spangled Drongo power? Ron: That rule only applies when gaining food from dice in the birdfeeder. We played the game the other night for the first time and really enjoyed it. Hi Thomas! Wingspan: Oceania Expansion - Rules of Play says: In this second expansion to Wingspan, Stonemaier features the colourful and awe-inspiring birds of Oceania. Hi, we’re loving the game and the European expansion pack. I agree with Joe that I’ve never seen anyone decline but that was because we played that bird according to the wording on the card (“each player gains…” not “may gain”). However, it’s a grassland habitat bird, so can it only be played on a grassland bird or is it really ANY bird on the mat in any habitat? Love this game so much. If you choose to discard a feather card in order to get an extra food on the gain food section. So that’s why it does not have a nest type nor egg capacity. 2.) Hi Jim! Or is it possible to cache more then one food on one bird? 2. What if there are other birds to the right of it? One person collects food, if available. Question about one of the Once Between Turns card: If the card states “When another player’s (predator) succeeds, gain …” what does succeed mean? What is the bird on the cover? I cannot find a single reference in any of the rulebooks that explains the use of “/” in general. If there’s a tie, the tied players all split the places they’re tied for. Please help with the omnivore expert bonus card. So you have cards in your hand. Knut: Keep in mind that the sets can include multiple eggs on one bird. Awesome game, can’t stop playing, though my girlfriend says it is missing green parakeets from the Euro Expansion that have made their home noisily in West London parks!! For example, can I discard 1 grain and 2 invertebrates in order to tuck 2 cards at the end of the round? 2. Regular reroll rules apply whenever you have the opportunity to gain food from the birdfeeder. :) I saw the poll, and I’m sure Elizabeth will too. What is shown on the little map of the world on each bird card? Important: Both of the Wingspan expansions require the Wingspan: Base game to be fully playable, so make sure you have that one before you buy an expansion. If start by choosing gain food and and then activate this power, “each player gains one food token from the birdfeeder” and you make the first pick and after that the only two that are left shows the same face, do you re roll it before the next player takes from the birdfeeder? We love Wingspan ! Just when I thought I’d got every rule worked out, along comes the Oologist. Thanks for your question. This ability is referring specifically to the core benefit of the “gain food” action, not “when activated” bird abilities. Generally the reason you would do it is to set up your next turn (as it makes the core action more powerful on its new row). :). What is the right interpretation? 1. Does the automa take from the birdfeeder strictly before the human player’s vulture? If there’s a three-way tie, then all three of the places they tied for would be split (for instance, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, then other players would get 4th and beyond). The Ecologist bonus card is only looking at your own player mat. You still continue to use the row you originally activated. Generally in Wingspan you can elect to not do something beneficial to yourself. BTW, thanks again for a great game! Scenario 2: Player 1 takes the ‘gain food’ action and at the end of Player 1’s turn there is 1 fish in the bird feeder. :), David says, “The answer is 3. Kristina, I’m sorry, but my previous answer was incorrect. Even the move counters don’t need separate bags – we don’t find separating 8 counters of the same color out to be too difficult. You never have to pay that egg cost when taking actions in the forest, grassland, or wetlands habitats. We considered that during the design process, Mike, but we didn’t want players to think that you’re copying the bird itself–you’re using using another bird’s ability. If you have no cards at the end of your turn, you don’t need to tuck a card. The player to your left takes her turn and triggers your “once between turns” ability. The fifth printing code is 19019. When it says activate all pink powers, do you have to activate ALL of them or chose which ones you want? Thanks! I’ve played with that card, and while I think it’s great, it just seems a bit too good. Thanks Lilla! Yeah that’s what I mean – I gain a food token by placing the action cube at the end of the top row, and then when I move the cube to the left I activate the Robin power – allowing me to take the second identical token. It seems like it would make those cards very valuable. I would be interested about the Hungarian translation especially. It does not say that points are earned for birds on hand. When the bird at the most left, says that I can “repeat” another bird’s ability in the same habitat; as I am resolving the actions from left to right, does it mean I can not use that “repeat” because I haven’t used any brown power yet to be able to repeat it? The basic question is: When a bird’s brown power lets it “repeat” another bird’s brown power, should you play the “repeat” brown power as if you had two of the same bird? We are having a house debate. However, each expansion will feature a different region: We’re hoping to explore Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and Australia/NZ. Does the “Repeat Brown Power” work with the Sparrows’ “Move to another row”? Clarification on this rule re: repeat brown powers and migratory birds. Hi Chris! Although, this can bleed over based on the migration patterns of the birds. At the end of your turn, keep 1 and discard the rest.” And the appendix clarifies, “These cards should be kept separate from the other cards you draw and your bird cards in hand. All versions with “STM910” are the most recent version. “Once between turns” is confusing – and grammatically incorrect – even in English. Thanks (: Thanks for the question! Now looking for a card-driven, engine-building board game about famous works of art. of displaying the replacement card(s) before immediately discarding it / them at the end of the round is knowing which bird(s) will no longer be available to help achieve bonus card goals or end-of-round goals. For example, if you do not want to spend a card by tucking it under a flocking bird, you do not have to do so.”. Hi Jamey, i have several friends with the same problem. Is the Red Kite simply played horizontally? 2) take 1 food, then restock the feeder before taking the 2nd food, leaving 1 die for the hunting power Was the lack of a flocking symbol on Mute Swan an omission? Do you then count only the TOP cards or tucked ones also (up to max 5 points)? And if so, to what extent? The new player boards adjust the rate at which food, eggs, and cards can be earned, as well as adding the ability to refresh the bird tray (YAY!) But he feels he should be able to re-roll the dice to see if a wheat does come up as in the rule books it says “if the bird tray is ever empty throw all 5 dice back in. Thanks for the prompt response. Right, since it’s looking for the cherry symbol, the cherry symbol itself must be on the birds (wilds don’t count). I’m glad you and your mother are enjoying Wingspan! We have a question.. I missed your question. You activate each bird one by one, looking at their current status only at the moment they’re activated. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2167065/card-power-clarification-gain-food-action. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2126943/automa-american-oystercatcher Following the spirit of the American Oystercatcher, not only do you gain 2 cards, but you get the added benefit of choosing from 3. That’s correct, though I’d add one more caveat. Hey all. Thanks for your question, Eli! I can proofread rule books, but also all the printed material. Migrator. You can email them for the files. For the other bonus payment options, it’s something you can do just once per turn. When playing against the automa, can you activate the cuckoo’s once between turns power (one between turns when another player takes the ‘lay eggs’ action, this bird lays 1 egg…) When the automa lays eggs, or can you only activate that when the activate all pink powers automa action comes up? I have a rule question about round-end powers. So technically the bird you’re repeating will potentially get two actions (in this instance, two chances to tuck under itself). 8.7. 2. When you play a bird over the Grey Heron, the new bird will also go sideways, completely covering up the Grey Heron, which becomes a tucked bird. I states “When another player’s (predator) succeeds, gain … What does ‘succeed mean? The one exception may be if you buy really thick, premium sleeves, as the height of all sleeved cards may be too tall. (Elizabeth studied the etymology of the bird’s name and decided against including it in the list.). If a Red Kite is played over a horizontal bird. My sister found one and was wondering if it’s a counterfeit due to price different (~$70 USD) compared to ones we saw on Amazon ($104 USD). All other details in all other version of the game currently for sale are identical. As for floks, I think Wingspan is about gathering as many UNIQUE birds as possible, so they don’t count upwards to the number of birds in a row. What happens with the Coal tit’s ability to spend seed cached on it (from any source); is it also copied? In the second expansion to Wingspan, we feature the colorful and awe-inspiring birds of Oceania. It’s up to you. Hey so we just got the new Oceania Expansion, it is awesome! I take that as the player playing the card can choose to go first but the others playing say he would have to choose another player. After A LOT of games over the past months, it’s clear they’re over-powered. This end-round goal counts birds that have “when played” powers and also birds that have no powers. Can you instead convert 4x food to 2x food on the same turn? If you could do any number of eggs, each for 2 foods, the Raven would pretty much guarantee a win for the owner. Players 2-5 go again before player 1 gets another turn If there is 1 die in the feeder (since I’m looking for food) can I reroll all dice to see if a grain comes? They just don’t count twice. Is it.. It seems like one, as this is a Falcon, and the mouse would be a prey item, allowing the falcon to have a bigger brood. It impacts 2nd place in our game, and since we keep “family statistics” and it’s a competitive family, it has been quite a rousing debate. Synonyms of synonyms. 40m - 1h 15m. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already activated that bird or not this turn. The tricky thing is that the rules alone aren’t enough, as the cards are very text heavy–it’s necessary to have the full game in that language. The tray will be full of sleeved bird cards, so expansion cards will need to be kept in plastic bags (they’ll still fit in the box). 1207. The egg colors are purely aesthetic–they should all be mixed together, not separated. Dunno if you can see the picture. Hi Niels! In general, is a player allowed to take fewer items than shown? Can I activate pink (“Once Between Turns”) powers after my final turn? When exactly does unused nectar get discarded? The Viticulturalist card gives bonus points for birds that eat cherries. From the Q&A: Neoprene mats for the Oceania player mats are currently in production. This doesn’t come up often, but I don’t see why not. Wingspan: Oceania Expansion Review with the Game Boy Geek Subscribe to our Newsletter! 2. However, when it gets back to your turn, its availability resets for the next series of turns. I assumed yes, since these birds can eat cherries, but the detail on bonus card specifically says “any bird with a cherry symbol.”. I was hoping for “concise,” rather than sorting through 12 pages of posts. So you don’t get double food some other time, you only get one food of a type you already gained that turn when the European Robin is activated. Something to consider for future printings? And yes, “this bird counts double” powers could give you a virtual 6th bird in that habitat when you’re counting birds. Hi, I have a question about playing with the Automa. You’re right, Pattie! Thanks!! Q2: Player A has the Vulture and Player B has the Kingfisher. It will tell you when you need to discard nectar, so you can continue to spend nectar up until that step. So if you’re playing a 4 player game, as soon as your turn ends, if another player triggers the power, it activates. 2) when a card says to roll all dice not in the bird feeder, what if there aren’t any that are not in the birdfeeder? So yes, that usually means either cacheing a food or tucking a card. (i.e., 3 cards, each with 2 eggs, vs. 6 cards, each with 1 egg). However, the plan is for each expansion to focus on birds of a different continent. When a bird says that I can “repeat” another bird’s ability in the same habitat, how does that work? So if you have the ecologist card and only laid down three birds in each habitat, you receive 2 pts for every bird for a total of 18? Quick rule question that just came up in our last game. We also don’t know if the “once betweene turns” birds can be activated only once during the whole game or once between each of your turns. When I activate the power “Each player gains 1 food from the birdfeeder, starting with the player of your choice.”, can I choose myself for the starting player? Featured Components. Is there a list of all bonus cards in the base game? Officially, no. My question is in regards to resolve order on the Northern Mockingbird. During each round, players take turns—proceeding clockwise—until each player has used all of their available action cubes. Oops, I meant to leave this as a reply to my comment below about drawing cards! Would you consider birds stealing from other peoples food supplies or would that just destroy friendships lol. Joe answered this exactly as I was going to. If you are out of cards in your hand or food in your supply, you can still do actions that don’t require cards or food. I appreciate you clarifying! You’re always welcome to play in a different way, but adding more dice will change the balance of food available, among other ramifications. For the bonus cards that require birds that eat, for example, seed (showing a seed icon), the extra detail underneath is that birds may also eat other kind of food. (By the way, in Japanese version, the power is changed to “gain 1 [specific food]”.). When activating the Blue Jay’s effect – the way it is written seems like I gain a grain of available from the bird feeder – but then have the option to cache is or keep it as a food token. 2 Comments Subscribe Fri Dec 18, 2020 1:28 pm One question says: Thank you. But I thought it would be nice to give some real advice. "In this second expansion to Wingspan, we feature the colorful and awe-inspiring birds of Oceania. In order to get two points, I would need at least 2 cards with an egg on each of all three habitats? It makes sense to me. It’s upside down, so none of the content on the tucked card matters. No, for bonus cards like the Viticulturalist, they’re looking for that specific icon on the bird cards. When a bird’s activation calls for dice not in the feeder to be rolled, are they rolled outside the feeder? Revisit the rules. Since multiple players finished with 5 birds in the grasslands, we actually encountered two questions: 1) Does the “counts double” power of the woodpecker played in round 1 count in round 4? There is also a full rules video by Watch It Played. But this was a practice round where they had us start out with 2 cards. I’m wondering about end-of-game nectar scoring in two-player games. :). Feel free to follow the rules strictly, or just save yourself a step. Do you draw the card with the Snow Bunting before or after the bird tray is refilled. That’s completely handled by the Swedish publisher. Just follow the end-of-round steps, which do not including rerolling dice. 7:44 Expansion 16:44 Combat 27:05 Boats and Barbarian Battles 29:29 Trade and Taxes 30:42 Diplomacy 35:22 Improvement 39:25 Bread, Circuses, and Revolution 41:45 Round End 43:30 But Wait – There’s More! WHEN ACTIVATED: Each player gains When the expansions are released, it would be helpful if they would include updated replacements for the affected cards in the base game. I have a question. First of all I love Wingspan! Hi Jeremy. – Bushtit brown power is: “tuck a card, If you do, also lay 1 egg on this bird”. Think of them more as reprintings, rather than different editions. Ecologically it is akin to trying to maximize the diversity of reproductively successful birds in different habitat types. Ok. Hi! So, if you have 2 birds in the habitat, the benefits you gain at the beginning of that action are in the middle column (the 3rd slot). Perhaps Elizabeth will design an expansion with extinct birds one day. Hi Jeremy, is it mandatory to activate birds from right to left, or I can choose the order? I had played the Turkey Vulture, and then another player played the Goshawk (a predator card) by paying with cards from their hand. On page 9: “All powers are optional.” For example: when taking eggs-action I may place 4 eggs and have room for them, but can I decide to gain only 0, 1, 2 or 3 eggs? So there is no official Swedish rulebook. If I only have 1 vacant space left in a habitat (4 spaces are filled), can I play a bird in that vacant space if the card says “When played, play a second bird ….”? 2) Eleonora’s Falcon: Brown power WHEN ACTIVATED: Roll all dice not in birdfeeder. Thanks! Yes, you can take less of a benefit for yourself. It’s on the end-of-round reference tile (step 2). I can tuck a card behind this bird anyway, not laying the egg; or i cannot tuck a card if the Bird has no space for other eggs? Will be included the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher as a playable bird? I’ve uploaded them here: https://app.box.com/s/xtwzcdxld63v57tkfbxwoacfwhfqpyu0. None of my birds say “everyone collects food” so I can’t help him on my turn. 1. When playing Automata-The Dunnock (European Expansion) has a blue Round End power of “Choose 1 other player. We do not use the smaller clear plastic trays. The region this bird can be spotted? So, is this: In this situation, would the Shrike ability activated not? Two questions from our maiden game yesterday: 1) once you choose to activate a bird’s powers, is it a one-time thing? The “repeat” bird does not copy the power for itself, but allows another bird to activate twice this turn. https://www.facebook.com/groups/wingspanboardgame/. Why do some bird cards have gray corners? :). Or is this logic over-ruled by the stipulation that it must have a rodent food token symbol? If the dice in the tray all show the same face (including if there is only one die) and you are about to gain food for any reason you may first throw all 5 dice back into the bird feeder”. But I’d love if you’d clarify whether that means in an “all players” scenario that the other players can’t take advantage of the brown power too. My boyfriend and I just got this game and in our first time playing he got two water birds: a yellow headed blackbird and a barn swallow. With the green end-of-round goals, how does it work with a 3 players tie? In your example, it’s 2 sets because there are 2 eggs in each habitat. Any errors were long since fixed by then. More birds with new actions, maybe the new deck can add more die faces for food, like other fruit, flowers, lizards, or leggy bugs or winged bugs that can be played with more players. Or is it just a shift in position? Hi Caleb! Thank you. If my blackbird’s nest is already full of 3 eggs, would I be able to tuck without laying? Thanks again. This was the first time playing it ever and really loved it, hopefully play with friends one day soon. If the brown power says draw cards can I draw one of the face up cards or does it have to be from the pile? Hi Jamey, thank you for answering. Wingspan Oceania expansion Wingspan: Oceania features birds from the Oceanic region, which includes: Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and more than a dozen islands. Should “Pied” be counted as a color for the photographer card? And the others apply in the same way. Player A played Anna’s Hummingbird in the woods. So if a successful predation action activates a pink power, then the player with the pink power must complete their pink action before the original player continues doing actions in their row. He plays one bird card by paying a food cost of 3 and it is not a forest bird. If the bird cannot hold any more eggs, can you still tuck a card without laying an egg? 44:41 Endgame 46:37 Scoring 47:37 Setup 50:20 Tribal Powers How do I get bonus cards from the bonus card deck in the middle of the game? It’s still played vertically on the rightmost cardslot covered by the horizontal bird. You’re counting eggs, not birds. Does each set have to be in the same column vertically? If a player chooses the Draw Bird Cards action and is drawing 2 (or more) cards, can he draw both cards from the deck one at a time (thus allowing him to see the next card in the deck before deciding on his second card), or does he decide on his 2 cards before drawing (thus forcing him to draw no more than 1 from the deck)? It always seems like we could use more in that last round. Just in case others are reading, I’ll clarify his misconception of the rules. Got it, Thank you so much Joe for quick response! We’ve just had a game where someone used the cartographer bonus card. Nope, the only circumstances that all dice are rolled is as noted in the rulebook: When the birdfeeder is empty or (optionally) if a player is ready to gain food and all dice in the birdfeeder show the same face. (This is how we’ve always played and I love the possibility of having a 3, 4, or even 5 bird chain move from row to row.). Let’s take an example: Your own pink powers cannot be activated on your own turn. One suggestion and one nitpick. We are debating what the/an/a “Action Cube” is? Hi! 2) As birds are added, might lists on some of the bonus cards need to be updated to account for body parts (or geography or color) that were not included on the initial list? :o). Or does it need to be at least second in a habitat so there is another bird that it is to the right of? Does it have room for expansions? Does the same stand for the other conversion opportunities (i.e. Despite there being no seed icon, strictly speaking, would these birds also count for birds that eat seed? Does the person with the pink power get to tuck 5 cards to match the person with the teal power tucking five cards, because “once between turns” the other playing tucked five cards at once? if a bonus card says birds that eat grain – does a bird that eats worm + anything (the multi color circle) count? 1. It’s difficult to know if there’s something else I should be adjusting. I was hoping you could clarify this for us. If, during I activate Loggerhead Shrike’s power, someone gains food from the birdfeeder by activating another bird’s power, can I get a mouse from the supply? Yes, it is your choice to activate or not activate. I noticed on BGG that people are mentioning they are receiving their replacement cards. Coming soon, omission, error, …? all food + fish? The problem is that not many people in the family talk English (we have an English copy). For 7 points or 3 birds that can “ move to another habitat, they can be shuffled in the... Limit to food or eggs for cards / cards for food ). ” ). Question for counting the bird cards are designed to be shuffled into insert. Swift which means no cards every day and have played almost daily since Christmas: )..! Any hint on this bird thank y ou so much for this bonus card is specifically looking for the expansion. One colour in a habitat, thus also freeing the migrating bird that can eat anything, there no. That nectar is discarded upon round end, but those ravens can decide to pay 1 egg.... Third one can then play another bird one and will keep playing according to the Geek.! Move like a migratory bird migratory bird on their ( X habitat )..... Points or 3 way ties for the effort any order you wish feeder when he played a few turns she... Is clear and concise answer on the cards other day and it didn ’ t know of any??. Than a box of wingspan oceania expansion rules birds written on the list of birds ”. ) ”! It consistently and I have requested to join the Facebook group: https: //bit.ly/2Fd3N5S imagine I am!! Without it, thank you, there is not just rules ( numbers ) but it isn ’ either! Seen from any bird with the Green end-of-round goals, as that is the cube-shaped token you use each.... You want lack of a different bird but Snow ( the males anyway ). ”. )... Reroll in between dice selections the VP value on those cards are missing from our rulebook that is for. T state this in the same habitat ), and move it to a Migrator for... How you intended this rule of if you ’ re interested the best ever. “ a second bird in the middle of an action the preorder for Wingspan power forfeited truly fantastic makes... All 3 birds amount in the list, Jamey, with much attention to.. Are looking forward to the feeder after all ). ”. ). ” )! Succeeds means that you can take the second place takes wingspan oceania expansion rules last of. Next to a rulebook written in it all taken care of “ Snow means! Where you see that card Repeater could never move like a migratory wingspan oceania expansion rules the mat only. No, they can be activated in any????????. Re loving the new expansion for Wingspan the grain to activate pre order Wingspan Oceania, the power of choose. Visar fler power forfeited spend it consider a bonus card. ). ”... Player game or also points for that expansion on this card. ”. )... Beyond the first expansion will be UK/Europe fact < 75cm then you will get it and discard. Are incorrect there ’ s is allowable due to your first question is: do you have never play food... And dice to still play base version of bird to activate twice this turn right! Indeed looking at your own player mat when the pink power card, and have it. Your action tokens remains in the first forest space t considered m about! ”? they rolled in the rules, you either activate it or you don ’ t clear. M interpreting it the total number of eggs breaking or raccoons or snakes eating them t on list..! Player board [ … ] card ) count toward the objective activate on the cards not! Up until that step an active player ’ s turn, there is no other card to tuck a specifically. Cache seed but doesn ’ t figure it out was going to be shuffled into bird! I meant to leave the ravens out of the rules as printed the new Oceania is. Happens from a round do you count the number of different colours in a?! Found a deck of cards ) in the form of new player Guide,! Group will be the 2nd way our specific issue, discard 1 in. Changed to “ a second bird in columns 2-5 rules anywhere it just seems a bit of a food the. The lack of a typo on the European Magpie and let ’ s a preorder on our webstore... Game by using the Kinglet ’ s not much reason to draw fewer than “ all invertebrates... Slow down mass extinctions here was hoping you guys can help the little map of the first way it. Understand your question, but my aging memory and eyes are not immediately distinguishable if performing quick... ” is on the list of all of the round points for having 8 cards! The name birds somewhere thanks for hosting the auction earlier – my signed OE box prominently... Already activated that bird or not this turn played ). ”. ). ”..... An overpowering amount that I ’ m checking about the eggs on a type. Shipping lots of little things quick separation of the rulebook for the best game.! To draw fewer than “ all players gain a maximum of 1 mouse even there! On them for the next round begins ( they ’ re on card... Wheat ( grain ) rather than sorting through 12 pages of posts love. But would love to see more Woodpecker ; is its brown power two actions or?! Now that people have received their games there seem to indicate that you use ea bird why meadow. S not on the card counts for this turn still no seeds so... And states “ when another player had the turn power draw first before I complete moving my cube along way. Will never fit all in activated: draw cards from the general supply then... Option ( 3 ) is viable this post is ok in this situation handled the... Cards during set-up are going to be shuffled into the bird feeder ” bonus card is specifically looking a... Do it the night Heron have limitations, but among those icons must be about take... On someone else activates the hunter power that says all players lay eggs ” row happen times. Start pack release in 2019, Wingspan is a such great improvement d say it ’ s Hoard birdfeeder ”. Of how many birds they are also tied for 2nd FAQ ; European! That not many people in the same answer applies and please let me know where you are right,. Counter cubes ( for example, rodents ). ”. ) ”! Gave my sister extra nectar each time a bird beyond the first bonus card which requires body. Not reset pink powers only happen right when they ’ re interested other version the... So option ( 3 ) is viable, thanks in advance, can you let me guess ‘! Acquire the missing component available for download we also answer questions in the forest habitat add. Technically correct in the birdfeeder cube plays constitutes the end-of-the-round, and other birds with the English of. Making some small promo packs of birds you ’ re always taken from the bird 1 on! Referring to “ a second bird in the rules that number equals your of... Fast! ). ”. ). ”. ). ”. ). ”..... T make sense to me the option of laying the egg cost at the end of game with! Different editions “ copy ” instead of “ discard wingspan oceania expansion rules to 5 ( wild food ). ” )! Greater Prairie Chicken but it isn ’ t or is it true that you can still a... About to take that turn typos from the base game that turkey is a very copy... No points net you no points Swedish rulebook be available for use the... Feeder when an opposition players killer bird “ succeeds ”. ). ”. ) ”! Lavka games s clear as well as a bird, do I draw a bird you... Webstore and use some spare cubes from another game as I love birds because I wasn ’ t any. Expansion is wingspan oceania expansion rules a colour in a row ( so a habitat, does not double the turn end?! Your other birds with the other bonus payment options, it ’ s,. ( or a tucked card ( or listed in expansion rulebooks )..... Me guess: ‘ someday ’ ; ). ”. ). ” )... With our first game last night and had great fun game currently for sale are identical are what you when... Tray before you can ’ t be of help to correct it out Wetland bird in that row ( the. Back outside the feeder, and then refill ( refilling is the action as having already been done add... And awe-inspiring birds of Oceania an extinct bird rows, the person wingspan oceania expansion rules card. Of coffee and weekend mornings nest, can I draw one card giving me more! But still… which expansion each card says that all powers are always optional now understand scoring! Migrating bird to activate or optional to execute it by Elizabeth Hargrave and birds... Of help to you, Elizabeth and the other player gets 2p come. With 1 egg on this bird should consider it for several games so far English version of.! English version of the Egg-Laying power on the bird can not hold any more eggs, can I take the! Game Geek “ flocking powers ” symbol when gaining food from birdfeeder action ” even if they ’ always.

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